AfForestation and improved forest management

At Ecobase, every forest project is thoughtfully planned, executed and monitored to ensure the sustainability and health of newly planted woodlands, aligning with our mission to support environmental restoration and carbon sequestration across Europe.

Afforestation/Reforestation (ARR)
Through our Pan-European ARR Initiative, Ecobase is dedicated to revitalizing Europe's landscapes by transforming marginal agricultural and grazing lands into thriving forests. By converting underutilized agricultural and pasture lands into carbon-rich forests, we're not just planting trees, we're creating vital carbon sinks that sequester atmospheric CO2, thereby contributing to global cooling efforts. In partnership with our landowners, a network of environmental experts and local foresters, new forests are created with native tree species that are best suited to the local climate, soil conditions, and biodiversity goals. This ensures that each project not only enhances carbon capture but also bolsters local ecosystems and wildlife habitats.
Improved Forest Management (IFM)
Through our IFM program, Ecobase aims to enhance the forest’s role in carbon sequestration. The project is designed to increase net carbon stocks and reduce GHG emissions by modifying existing forest management practices that enable forests to become more resilient to climate change impacts, better stocked and in turn will result in higher production of wood products over the life of the project compared to baseline scenarios. With our IFM practices, forests can become larger, older, more resilient and with enhanced productivity. 

Ecobase Europe
Afforestation Project

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Quality and responsible afforestation from the ground up

Ecobase is dedicated to doing afforestation responsibly by adhering to the highest standards, with the goal to achieve the best quality on a large scale. We are committed to sustainable forestry practices that offer both ecological and economic benefits to the landowners and the planet. Our goal is to accelerate afforestation efforts and create resilient forests, which in turn will boost biodiversity and encourage the proliferation of various plant and animal species.

Ecobase Afforestation Projects

Mixed birch forest
3 000 ha
Mixed pine, oak forest
2 500 ha
Cork oak forest
3 500 ha
Mixed forest
10 200 ha
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SUSTAINABLE development goals

Projects aligned with UN's Sustainable Development Goals

Our Projects support both the environment and the local communities. We seek to identify, measure and report on any additional benefits of our Projects' activities.

In Europe, carbon markets represent a novel financing solution to restore forest land, and in turn create new employment opportunities in carbon and forest industries
The Project will increase the supply of sustainable timber to meet demand, reducing pressure on old growth forests and substituting CO2-intensive raw materials
The Project aims to sequester over 300,000,000 tCO2 over the life of the project
The Project will restore and add forest land to the national totals by afforesting 500,000 ha of degraded, abandoned agricultural land