Developing European Forestry Carbon Projects.

We help European landowners access carbon finance to accelerate afforestation and reforestation activities, as well as enhance carbon sequestration in existing forests.

Advancing our IMpact
Lands submitted

213k ha





Trees planted

13k ha


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See what our clients have to say

As a represent of landowners involved in the afforestation carbon project developed by Ecobase I want to express my gratitude for the experience we've had so far. The team have done a great job in steering us through the auditing process during our first verification process. We are grateful for their diligent management and look forward to seeing the tangible results of our collective efforts in the carbon credits that will be issued.

Bjarke Brandt Helms,
Salten Langsø Skovadministration A/S

Partnering with Ecobase has been enlightening. They managed to turn complex carbon market topics into something we could engage in with confidence. This foundation has excited us for more projects as we can enhance positive climate impact together. We are grateful for the expertise and the personal commitment they’ve shown, ensuring our projects are both environmentally and financially sound.

Carl Olén,
CEO and Portfolio Manager at Skogsfond Baltikum AB

Largest private landowner in Estonia

"As a young and fast-growing Estonian startup, they bring a fresh perspective and energy to the field of forestry and carbon credits. Their understanding of the industry is evident in their approach to projects, and they have a clear passion for positively impacting the environment. Their team is highly experienced and knowledgeable, and they are always willing to collaborate closely to ensure the best possible outcomes.“

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Stories of us has been featured in a variety of media publications, highlighting the impactful work we do in collaboration with our landowners to promote and implement sustainable land use practices.

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