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Partner with us to steer capital into afforestation and restoration of native ecosystems, and get closer towards your climate goals

European carbon buyers can now invest in high-impact projects closer to home.

Restore native ecosystems

We plant mixed, uneven-aged, conservation forestry.

Biodiverse species selection

Our forest management methods favor natural regeneration.

100+ year permanence

We operate in markets with strong forest law, reducing the risk of forests being clearcut or deforested.

Improve climate resilience

We prefer late successional species which can better tolerate increasing temperatures and seasonal drought conditions.

Carbon buyers have the option to facilitate investment into carbon projects either via our network of landowners, or via Ecobase’s own project origination capabilities, and secure carbon credits at a fixed rate for the next decades.
Euromediena UAB 
"I have had the pleasure of working with the Ecobase team on an afforestation project and I couldn't be happier with their service. The team was fast and responsive, and all we had to do was send them a shape file of our planting area. They handled the analysis with ease and expertise. I highly recommend this company to anyone looking to generate carbon credits through afforestation activities. The team is not only knowledgeable, but they also have fantastic client service."